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Legal Note

Details of the company MetalControl SL.

This page provides general information on MetalControl SL, as well as legal information on our presence in Internet. In order to realise consultations on MetalControl SL or suggestions with respect to the structure or content of this page, it directs to the following direction of contact.

Person of Contact: C.J. van Zantwijk

Declaration of protection of data.

Thanks to visit the page of MetalControl SL and by its interest by our company and our products. We took ourselves very in serious the protection of its data. Perhaps with the purpose of to be able to respond suitably to its questions and to inform on our products and services to him, we ask for some personal data to him. The introduction of these data is completely voluntary and the same will be recorded, kept, process and/or used in agreement with the norms of protection of effective data in the country where the office responsible for the processing of the data is registered. The treatment of the data will be confidential. The pages Web of MetalControl SL can contain connections with pages of other clients-suppliers. This declaration of protection of data will not be applied to these pages.

MetalControl SL uses organizativas and technical safety measures with the aim of protecting its data of any manipulation, deliberate or deliberate, loss, destruction or nonauthorized access of people. Our safety measures are improving as the technology advances.

Scrutiny and personal data processing By defect:

Our servants keep the name from their supplier of Internet, its direction IP, the page through which acceded to our page, the pages that visits and the date and duration of its visit when it visits our page. In addition, the personal data only keep if you have introduced them personally you stop, for example, an inscription, an order or a sounding.

The use and the transmission of the personal data and the predetermination


The Web MetalControl SL can use cookies to track the preferences of the user and to optimize the design of the page Web. The cookies are small archives that are stored temporarily in their hard disk. They allow to more comfortably sail and a greater facility in the use of a page Web. The cookies also help us to concretely identify the most popular areas of our page Web. Of this form we can adapt the content of our Web site to its needs the maximum possible and thus to improve our supply. The cookies can be used to determine if its computer has been put in contact already with our pages. These cookies allow their computer to be identified, but they do not allow him to establish a relation with a person. By all means also it will be able to see our page without cookies. The majority of the navigators accepts cookies automatically. It can avoid the storage of cookies in his hard disk selecting the option not to accept cookies in the configuration of his navigator. It reads the instructions of the manufacturer of the navigator to obtain more details on the operation. If it does not accept the cookies it can undergo functional restrictions in his page.

Wrights of access.

To request hers, MetalControl SL. it will communicate to him in writing as soon as possible, and in agreement with the effective norm, if their personal data have been kept and, if yes, what data have been kept. In case incorrect information has kept, in spite of our efforts to maintain the information updated and correct we will correct, it according to its desires. And, by all means, we will eliminate its data right away if you wish therefore it. Acceptance of the declaration of protection of data of MetalControl SL. When using this page accepts the declaration of protection of data that appears in II., as well as the terms and the described conditions. If it does not accept the terms and conditions, we requested to him that one abstains to use our page and that, therefore, does not send no personal data to us.

General terms and conditions of use of the page Web Copyright.

Copyright 2008 MetalControl SL. All rights reserved. The content, including the images and graphs, as well as the design of the page of MetalControl SL, is subject to rights of copyright and other laws that regulate the protection of the intellectual property. The diffusion or alteration of the content of this page, including the calls I fit and measured similar, it is not allowed. In addition, the content cannot be copied, be spread, be altered nor be put at the disposal of third parts with commercial aims.

Legal responsibility.

The information that provides MetalControl SL to him, in this page was successfully obtained with the well-taken care of major and it is updated continuously. Nevertheless, and in spite of a rigorous control, the total absence of errors cannot be guaranteed. For this reason, MetalControl SL declines any type of legal responsibility and guarantees the veracity, integrity and validity of the information available in this page. This is applied in particular to the pages contacted by hyperconnections. These are pages of third parties on whose content we do not have any influence. MetalControl SL declines thus any legal responsibility in relation to the content of these pages. In addition, MetalControl SL does not take responsibility of the dispositions of protection of data of other suppliers. MetalControl SL reserves the right to at any time make rectifications or extensions of the information or the data available and without needing previous warning.

Registered tradenames.

Unless the opposite indicates itself, all the marks used in the page MetalControl SL are protected by the corresponding laws. This is mainly applied to the logos and symbols of the companies.

Regulating laws.

MetalControl SL appears with page an innovating and informative Web and hopes to satisfy its expectations. However, and by precaution, we want to emphasize that the intellectual property that contains, including patents, registered tradenames and copyrights, is protected by the law. In addition, this page does not constitute a license to use the intellectual property of MetalControl SL. One does not allow the copy, diffusion, reproduction, transmission and other uses without the written consent of MetalControl SL. Effective law and jurisdiction The use of this page Web is regulated exclusively by Spanish laws, without considering the norms of international the civil right. Copyright by MetalControl SL © 2008 | Legal note